C.A.R.E. Concept of Advanced Rider Equipment


Industry safety standards are high, but ours are higher. Safety is of course our number one priority with the BMW Motorrad Rider Equipment range. Only the finest-quality materials are used, such as GORE-TEX ® Armacor ™ or specially treated, tear-resistant leather, while we are constantly working to further develop existing technology and create wholly new fabrics. That way, we ensure each and every one of our products meets BMW Motorrad's exemplary safety standards – which are generally far more stringent than industry norms – and receives the C.A.R.E. stamp of approval.
Fantastic riding, whatever the weather. Products bearing the C.A.R.E. stamp make weather worries a thing of the past. Intelligently designed down to the very last detail, they feature windproof zips, gaiters and waterproof seams. Fabrics keep rain out, while allowing body heat and moisture to escape, and special, intelligent textiles actively regulate body temperature. Together, they ensure the optimum riding conditions whatever the weather. Because a comfortable rider is a safer rider.
Look great, feel even better. It's absolutely essential that motorcyclists aren't distracted by poorly-fitting equipment, which is why all BMW Motorrad products are designed to offer the ultimate in comfort. The materials used are of the highest quality, being both tough and offering freedom of movement, and most of our gloves feature fingers that are curved forwards and specially stitched to minimize pressure on the hand. Similarly, the new NP protectors are soft and flexible yet deliver outstanding safety performance.
Quality that lasts and lasts. And lasts. BMW Motorrad Rider Equipment is like a trusty riding companion that can be relied on for years. Over time, the products become almost as unique as the rider that wears them, with their exceptional durability a result of the quality of the materials and manufacturing processes employed. Every single fabric and fibre undergoes extensive testing in a range of realistic conditions, while each individual component is subjected to the most thorough practical and virtual testing and analysis imaginable.